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FormLabs 3D Printer Queue

FormLabs 3D Printer Queue

Printer Queue Guidelines:

  • Every print job must be reserved and logged using this spreadsheet
  • Jobs are limited to 4 hours during regular office hours (9-5 PM) and 12 hours overnight, unless there’s no one else in the queue
  • Any team cannot reserve more than 2 consecutive jobs, unless there’s no one else in the queue
  • Parts must be picked up within 15 minutes of printing completion during regular office hours (9-5 PM) and by 9 AM for overnight jobs
  • If you cannot pick up your parts before someone else’s reservation begins, they are free to scrape the parts off themselves, but you are still responsible for cleaning once you arrive at the shop
  • You must log the time that you picked up your parts in the corresponding column
  • You must clean the build platform and tools (e.g., scraper, pliers) thoroughly with isopropanol and verify that you have done so by writing “Yes” in the corresponding column
  • Please record any miscellaneous printer issues in the “Notes” column