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Bubble and AirDev Credits ($500)

Want to build and deploy your application without coding?

Bubble is a general-purpose system for creating web and mobile apps without code. It was created by a couple of Harvard alums and so we’re piloting a partnership with them. If you end up using them, please let us know how it goes!

Bubble is offering i-lab VIP teams with $500/month in credit plus free support for 6 months. See their pricing page for up-to-date details on what this provides. You can learn more here and in this VIP Technical Roundtable that we did with Bubble’s Founders:

To Receive Your Credits

Register here using either a valid Harvard .edu email address or the email address for your i-lab startup: iLab VIP

Want Some Help Building it?

AirDev is a team of recent HBS alums who will build your web application for you, at a fraction of the cost, time, and hassle of traditional developers. They build on the Bubble platform, which allows them to be quick and flexible, and to even teach your team to make updates yourself. AirDev specializes in dynamic sites with user logins, marketplace functionality, payment processing, and API integration. If you are looking to build your site yourself using Bubble, the AirDev team is offering free design consultations; sign up at