Application for the Venture Incubation Program

Next cycle: Summer 2017

The Venture Incubation Program is a 12-week program designed to help current Harvard students make progress on their entrepreneurial ventures. We encourage students to apply who are committed to building their venture among an engaging community at the i-lab. Selected teams will have access to VIP-only resources and support to help them reach their milestones.

Harvard i-lab’s Venture Incubation Program (VIP) Summer “Incurator”

The i-lab’s VIP Summer “Incurator” is a special edition of our standard Venture Incubation Program.  Part incubator, part accelerator, it’s a faster-paced 10-week commitment (June 5th – Aug 11th) that provides a select cohort of eligible, hungry startups with a breadth of resources to help them take their ventures further, faster.  At the end of the program, the 10 most advanced teams will be selected to present to a panel of potential investors.

In general, startups entering the program are able to demonstrate a combination of or all of the following:

  • Deep and intimate understanding of a problem or market need/opportunity
  • A compelling solution to said problem/need
  • Thoughtful and clear plan to achieve milestones
  • Ability and team to build, test, and deliver
  • A desire to help other teams and contribute to the i-lab ecosystem as a whole

Participants in the VIP Summer Incurator get access to:

  1. Foundational Workshops
  2. A Staff Advisor with expertise in their space
  3. Industry & Topic-Specific Roundtables
  4. Various perks including tech credits
  5. A well-equipped maker space
  6. A fully-equipped Augmented and Virtual Reality Studio
  7. A shared wet lab bench in the Life Lab (additional evaluation required)
  8. Most important, a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs!

To be eligible for consideration, applying teams must:

  1. Be founded or co-founded by at least 1 current, full-time, matriculated Harvard student or postdoctoral fellow, who will act as Team Lead. Team Leads are eligible to apply for the session following their final semester of classes, i.e. those who finished classes in May 2017 can apply for Summer 2017 VIP session, but those who finished in December 2016 are only eligible for this past Spring 2017 session. HUID status will be checked.
  2. Have at least 1 Harvard founder present at the i-lab 30+hrs/week during the 10-week program

Participation Expectations:

Unlike the standard VIP program, the Summer Incurator requires Founders and Team Leads to attend the following:

  • Orientation – Monday June 5th
  • 4 Foundational Workshops
  • 4 Discussion Roundtables – select from 10+
  • 3 Pitch n’ Moan Sessions (as presenter and observer)
  • Weekly community/house lunches

(The Harvard i-lab reserves the right to terminate a venture’s participation in the Summer Incurator at any time.)

How to Apply:

We have two separate applications: one for returning VIP teams wishing to continue in the program, and one for applicants hoping to become first-time VIP teams. Please choose the appropriate one below. The application is hosted through SlideRoom; your Team Lead will have to create a free account and label it with your venture name.

Renewal VIP Application: due Monday, April 17th, 2017

New VIP Application: due Monday, April 24th, 2017

The deadlines are strict and we cannot accept late applications. If you have questions or issues with the application, please reach out to