Introducing the Summer 2017 Technology and B2B/Enterprise Ventures

The Summer Venture Incubation Program (VIP) teams in the Technology and B2B/Enterprise sectors at the Harvard Innovation Labs are taking the notion of working smarter to a whole new level.

Teams are using artificial intelligence and machine learning and other advanced technologies to help both businesses and whole industries work smarter, to enable people to live healthier and happier lives, and to introduce new technologies to business sectors stuck in yesterday’s way of doing things.

“AI is really dominating,” says Phil Greenwald, assistant director for technology and advisor to the technology teams. “The teams are really embracing the emerging trend toward applying artificial intelligence, particularly computer vision, augmented reality, and other next-generation technologies to today’s business challenges.”

Nearly a third of the 28 teams in the category are new to the VIP, including teams that are seeking to revolutionize the labor market for blue collar and hourly workers and employers (GigLync and Aday), and to help stakeholders in construction projects benefit economically while ensuring quality work and on-time payment (Keyturn). The health and sports sector is also well-represented among the new teams, including startups working to improve customer experience in health clubs and gyms (GroupX), to securely manage performance data for professional athletes (Tempo), and to grow sponsorships in the emerging e-sports market (

The Harvard Innovation Labs is a dynamic incubator ecosystem that unleashes the innovative power of the Harvard community and helps people take their ideas further, faster. Student-based ventures work and receive support in the Harvard i-lab, while alumni ventures are headquartered Launch Lab, a collaborative co-working space and resource-supported community for high-potential early-stage startups. Our newest space, the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, houses high-potential, early-stage life sciences startups.


B2B and Enterprise Teams

Aday is a B2B human resources and operations platform that provides a multi-location internal labor market for employers of hourly team members. This digital matching firm’s mission is to provide a liquid universal workforce.

AdmitHub’s mission is to make the college admissions process awesome for everyone involved, utilizing an AI-powered text messaging platform to help colleges scale student support.

Aircrew addresses global needs for air purification for residential, industrial, and automotive sectors through developing advanced catalytic materials.

AirFox is working reduce the cost of mobile data for consumers by enabling carriers to monetize their data networks.

Analytical Space provides a data downlink service that enables satellite operators to get up to 3 times more data back to the ground at a lower cost per gigabyte.

Base Operations believes everyone deserves to feel safe, so they creatively use data to map the security situation in cities in real time, helping people and businesses make better decisions when it matters most.

Bounce Imaging builds throwable tactical cameras and sensors to keep first responders safe.

Denttia is building a reporting and analytics platform for dental practices to improve medical and business outcomes.

Doorbell is a real estate services and technology startup that brings community and convenience to any apartment building. is pioneering influencer marketing for e-sports by connecting brands looking to reach millennials to professional video game players looking for product sponsorships

Experfy is a Big Data and analytics consulting marketplace.

GroupX is a platform helping gyms and health clubs maintain consistent quality and awesomeness across their group fitness classes.

Keyturn is an end-to-end construction management platform that makes all stakeholders more money while ensuring quality work and on-time accurate payment.

Komodo Technologies provides data engineering and analysis for companies that want to compete to win in today’s markets — and tomorrow’s.

StatusQuota provides upgraded sales technology tools to help sales reps and executives get more out of the software they use today.

Zoba accurately predicts areas that are at higher risk for crime and terrorism.



 BrandQR takes images, logos and graphics and turns them into fully functional QR codes using computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

ClimaCell Inc. is using wireless communication networks to sense the environment and provide better real-time weather data and nowcasting to businesses.

CocoVerse is building virtual reality tools to help convey complex concepts via easily digestible videos for learners.

Evisort is a Harvard-MIT startup combining advanced artificial intelligence algorithms with workflow and document management solutions for lawyers.

GigLync provides under-served blue collar employees better access to hourly jobs while improving the way employers manage their hourly workforce today.

Julia Computing brings a fresh approach to technical computing, a sector that has been held hostage by programming languages with designs that are many decades old.

JumpYield helps websites make more money from their ad space.

Luccia is a total solution for creating, sharing, and exploring VR education content. Think Squarespace meets WebEx.

Tempo powers the marketplace for quantified performance data for professional athletes and professional sports franchises

Titan uses a marketplace model and the blockchain to catalyze middle market finance, disintermediating alternative asset managers and investment banks.

Veho Technologies is reinventing package delivery with a crowdsourcing platform that enables anyone with a car to get paid for delivering packages.

Waypoint Labs uses augmented reality to automate the property insurance claims process by allowing insurance adjusters to seamlessly scan, measure and document a site.