Podcast – AR/VR at the i-lab : Beyond Pokémon GO – Using AR in Novel Ways

One of the more serendipitous experiences we had at the Harvard Innovation Labs in 2016 involved the timing of our fall HUBWeek symposium “Exploring the Emerging Worlds of Augmented and Virtual Reality.” You see, during some of our early planning for the event, Niantic and Pokémon were kind enough to unleash “Pokémon GO” on the masses.

This made explaining augmented reality easier to a lot of the stakeholders involved. It also created an opportunity to show folks that there is a lot more happening in the AR space than the popular game.

“Beyond Pokémon GO: Using AR in Novel Ways” digs into this topic in a panel featuring Victor Gerdes of PTC, Mike Festa of Wayfair, and John Werner of Meta, moderated by Dennis Keohane.