Introducing the Fall 2017 Harvard Innovation Labs Technology and B2B/Enterprise Ventures

This fall, the Harvard Innovation Labs is home to 33 technology and B2B/Enterprise ventures. These teams are laser-focused on improving how businesses operate across a wide variety of industries.

“Every industry today is ripe for disruption, and it’s inspiring to see just how many industries Harvard Innovation Labs ventures are improving through technology,” says Harvard Innovation Labs Associate Director of Technology Howard Kaplan.

“Evisort is creating an Artificial Intelligence solution to help lawyers organize, manage, and gain insight from their legal documents. PayDown is tackling the bloated student loan crisis through the development of intuitive and intelligent applications for students. And AirFox, the first venture-backed company in Boston to launch a successful Initial Coin Offering, is unlocking mobile access in the developing world.”

These technology and B2B/enterprise startups account for 23% of all ventures within the Harvard Innovation Labs ecosystem. The startup founders represent seven of the twelve Harvard schools, including the College, Business School, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Law School, Kennedy School and Extension School. This variety of backgrounds brings life to the One Harvard vision of inter-school collaboration, and exemplifies our belief that diversity in experience is a necessary ingredient for innovation.

Harvard Innovation Labs is a dynamic ecosystem that unleashes the innovative power of the Harvard community and helps people take their ideas further, faster. Student-based ventures work and receive support in the Harvard i-lab, while alumni ventures are headquartered in the Launch Lab, a collaborative co-working space and resource-supported community for high-potential early-stage startups. Our newest space, the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, houses high-potential early-stage life sciences startups.

Read on to learn more about the 33 technology and B2B/Enterprise ventures that are part of the Harvard Innovation Labs fall cohort:

B2B and Enterprise

Ace-up aims to be the go-to marketplace for coaches. Our mission is to help coaches develop their business and help people get better coaching.

Aday is a B2B human resources and operation platform that enables a paradigm to hire, schedule, and train employees.

Covalent Networks is a web-based platform that administers workforce development programs between employers, educators, and economic development agencies.

Ditto helps companies use their sales data to find high performing stores, avoid bad ones, and allocate inventory using demographic data. helps apartment building owners improve property income by creating a sense of community for residents through our app and event experiences.

Evisort is using artificial intelligence to help lawyers organize, manage, and gain insight from their legal documents.

Experfy is a Big Data and analytics consulting marketplace.

Faktor is democratizing the hardware product development process by helping independent product companies source engineers and manufacturers.

FulFill is matching supply and demand of warehousing space in the fragmented EU market and abstraction layer (only one intermediary) for value added services.

GigLync provides under-served blue collar employees better access to hourly jobs while improving the way employers manage hourly workforce today

GroupX seeks to make every group fitness class awesome by being the Spotify of workout plans for gyms and their trainers.

Keyturn is the first and only fully-connected marketplace for the construction supply chain.

Kimono helps your company outperform by providing sales and marketing benchmarks that show how your competitors go to market.

Komodo Technologies brings a unique mix of creativity, analytics, and code to help you realize your vision.

OZÉ is the business advisor in the pocket of every African entrepreneur. It’s a mobile app that turns transactions into business insights.

StatusQuota provides sales technology tools to help sales reps and executives get more out of the software they use today.

Suggestion Box provides a digital suggestion box for a company’s employees.

Tempo is a trusted exchange for sensitive data.

Torch (formerly Denttia) simplifies the ordering of dental supplies for dentists saving them time and money.

Waypoint is revolutionizing the way the workforce of the future will capture, distribute and consume knowledge through augmented reality.

Zoid Domain Awareness analyzes managers’ video feed data and report back to them with meaningful insights.


AdmitHub makes the college admissions process awesome for everyone involved.

AirFox reduces the cost of mobile data for consumers by enabling carriers to monetize their data networks.

Bounce Imaging builds throwable tactical cameras and sensors to keep first responders safe.

BrandQR takes brands, logos and graphics and turn them into fully functioning QR codes!

CocoVerse is Building molecular visualization software for virtual reality.

Frank is a personal, no-BS, no-judgment, real-time career mentor that helps college students more successfully navigate the school-to-work transition.

Julia Computing brings a fresh approach to technical computing, an area that is held hostage by programming languages with designs that are many decades old.

PayDown builds loan servicing technology for student, home, auto, and personal debt.

Smarty is an AI powered assistant for scheduling. It manages your meetings, tasks, and other deadlines while learning how to automate your to-dos.

Veho Technologies is building software and mobile app that allows anyone to deliver packages in their own car, and enables delivery companies to better manage drivers.

VeifAI is developing fraud detection using computer vision and machine learning.

Zoba uses machine learning to predict areas that are at higher risk for crime and terrorism.