Introducing the Fall 2017 Harvard Innovation Labs Consumer Ventures

This fall, The Harvard Innovation Labs is home to 33 consumer product and services ventures, ranging from consumer technology to fashion and sports.

Assistant Director for Consumer Goods Peter Gladstone sees a surge in teams focused on innovating in the food and beverage space.

“In recent years, there’s been a significant shift toward eating healthier, all-natural foods with low carbon footprints,” Gladstone says. “It’s fascinating to see so many teams focused on creating products to serve this growing market.”

“For example, Growy is working on a solution to allow people to grow their own plants and connect to a network of urban farmers. Then you have companies like LazyBear that are looking for ways to turn what’s typically described as food waste into healthy and delicious products,” Gladstone says.

These consumer-focused startups account for 23% of all ventures within the Harvard Innovation Labs ecosystem. The startup founders represent nine of the twelve Harvard schools, including the College, Business School, Extension School, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Graduate School of Design, Graduate School of Education, Divinity School, School of Public Health, and School of Engineering and Applied Science. This variety of backgrounds brings life to the One Harvard vision of inter-school collaboration, and exemplifies our belief that diversity in experience is a necessary ingredient for innovation.

Harvard Innovation Labs is a dynamic ecosystem that unleashes the innovative power of the Harvard community and helps people take their ideas further, faster. Student-based ventures work and receive support in the Harvard i-lab, while alumni ventures are headquartered in the Launch Lab, a collaborative co-working space and resource-supported community for high-potential early-stage startups. Our newest space, the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, houses high-potential early-stage life sciences startups.

Read on to learn more about the 33-consumer product and services ventures that are part of the fall cohort:

Consumer Technology

Limitless Laptop is creating the fastest laptop in the world.

PHIAR combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality into a new form of in-car GPS system for enhanced safety and more intuitive navigation.

Nix is a consumer diagnostic company currently developing its initial product: a wearable hydration sensor that empowers athletes to mange their hydration status in real-time.

TarDisk lets you double your onboard MacBook storage by adding 256GB of Secure, Seamless, Storage. A simple, tool‐free hardware platform.


Jaxxed is a bold fashion accessories brand that supports education and workforce development opportunities for underserved youth.

Lendelux is a service that allows luxury retail brands to rent high-end merchandise to customers.

The Wardrobe Essentialist helps professional men make a great impression in today’s meetings, using their wardrobe.

Unsize eliminates the uncertainty of “Will if fit me?” during the online shopping process through a webapp and connected hardware device.

Food & Agriculture

Cache Chocolate crafts delicious truffles to delight food lovers and support cacao farming communities. Each box purchased provides one student lunch.

Growy is empowering individuals to successfully grow their own plants and connect to a network of urban farmers.

Lazy Bear is a naturally sweet, lightly caffeinated beverage made from ingredients typically viewed as waste in the coffee production process.

RiceBox delivers snacks and lifestyle items from Asia’s trusted brands to give Asian students cultural comfort.

Voodles is reinventing dry pasta by making it entirely from vegetables, thereby transforming a high-calorie starch into something light and healthy.

Media and Content

Janus is a news reading platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to fact check and identify news bias in articles.

Credly is a platform for managing and distributing data-rich digital badges representing skills and certifications that are verified by third parties.

E Pluribus empowers youth to share actionable content on the issues they truly care about.

Moderator makes it fun and easy for readers to see the same news stories presented multiple ways, showing opinions on all sides of a debate. 

Peek finds all of the events happening (on campus) without subscribing to a single email list.

RadioPublic helps listeners discover, engage with and reward the creators of podcasts. We are a Public Benefit Corporation, launched with founding partner PRX – the home of Radiotopia, This American Life, The Moth and more.

Small Batch is a daily world news podcast in 5-ish minutes.

Home and Life

Arcbazar is the first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing platform for architectural, interior and landscape design projects.

CozyKin is Airbnb plus childcare: families sharing great nannies.

Forget-Me-Not reminds you of someone’s name by sending a push notification to your phone when that person is nearby.

Getmii lets users broadcast their needs to people nearby, and connect with the people that can help them best.

MoneyPlant is offering convenient access to employees’ earned income through affordable short-term loans.

Nestead builds a mobile inventory of your possessions, so busy households can easily shop online.

Orca is a travel recommendation company.

Steele Funeral Service is revolutionizing funeral service by incorporating technology to provide customers with personalization at a price point they can afford.

Studio Wood is making your furniture smarter.

Sports & Games connects brands to video game players for authentic product sponsorships.

First Touch is a sophisticated performance optimization tool for teams, clubs, and professional associations built around the companies integrated suite of mobile apps.

Retroactive sportswear inspired by the 80s and 90s, uses the most advanced materials available and is environmentally and socially sustainable.

SWEDISH FALL GmbH is striving to take cheerleading sportswear (and shoes) to the next level.