Agora is an online town hall for local communities that connects verified users with decision makers to offer a convenient alternative to join community discussions.

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Through interactive Q&A and text polls, Agora harnesses technology to help representatives crowdsource and engage with a broader set of constituents. Citizens can use the platform as a one-stop portal to find information on critical issues in the community, discuss with other citizens, and, advocate directly to decision-makers. For those who wish to host town halls, such as representatives, local governments, and non-profits, Agora licenses the platform on a sliding pay-scale to enable them to engage in a smarter way with constituents.

Clients will be able to access online tools such as real-time polls through web and SMS, interactive Q&A, and verification of users through a proprietary algorithm which matches users to public records and ensures authentic participation in order to increase the value of feedback received. Clients will receive support from the Agora team in launching and marketing their town hall physically and digitally. Agora will also track and analyze ideological and behavior insights of verified users over time, to offer new ways to capture public opinion and deliver micro-targeting.