Introduce Your Startup

Getting a startup going? Let's build it together.

Are you a Harvard student who has built an idea into a startup? Tell us about it and we’ll let you know of opportunities to be invited to special events, workshops, and resources.


  • Hint: It’s okay if you haven’t finalized the name yet but for now, what should we call your venture?
  • "In one line, briefly describe what your venture does in a way that we’ll ""get it."" Hint: avoid buzzwords, write as if you were telling a friend."
  • You must be a current, full time, degree seeking Harvard student and a founder or co-founder of this startup.
  • How many people are working on your venture (total, including yourself)?
  • What relevant skills/expertise/connections do you and your team have to make this venture successful? What skills, etc. do you still need to get your venture off the ground?
  • What steps have you taken to identify your ideal customer (e.g., art students in Boston) and to validate that these people desperately want a solution to the problem you’re looking to solve?
  • What stage are you in: High-level concept? Detailed design? Prototype? Product in development? If you’ve built anything, what does it do so far? Have you tested it with real users?
  • We can't make any promises, but the more we know about where you're looking for help, the more we can keep an eye out for resources that will benefit you.
  • Examples: We’ve acquired users (how many?). We signed a key partner (who?). We’ve filed for a patent. We won a venture competition (which one?). We’ve raised money or earned revenue (how much?).