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[Blank] Schools

Blank Schools catalyzes innovation in the education sector by supporting innovators to design and launch radically different new school models.



10^x is an intensive, short-term leadership education course for youths in developing countries, post-conflict countries, emerging and transitioning economies.

3D printing of hearing aid shells

3D printing of hearing aid shells customized to patients’ need could significantly increase the comfort and reduce the cost.


An application for finding a social place that fits you

A Place in the Sun Foundation

A Place in the Sun Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by former Peace Corps volunteers and Harvard grad students to improve the quality of early childhood education in West Africa. Focusing on teacher training and quality curriculum, PITS is designing curriculum and a model for service delivery to help marginalized children in rural areas read and succeed in school.


Academic Room

Academic Room is organizing the world’s scholarly knowledge to democratize education and promote collaboration across academic disciplines.


Ace Airways

Ace Airways is a boutique, product-focused airline that transports overseas visitors to Las Vegas and other US leisure destinations, transforming both customers’ expectations and the traditional airline business model in the process.


Ace-up strives to deliver a framework that will bring personal development to your fingertips. Ace­-up wants to do this by providing a platform to help vetted professional coaches easily connect with customers and offer affordable, quality coaching services.



Healthcare’s Definitive Resource for Continuing Education.



Managing risk is key to managing healthcare costs; effective communication makes it scalable – we aim to do both #ACOsys.


Accountable Care Transactions, Inc. (ACT.md) promotes efficiency and cost reduction in healthcare by enabling, supporting, and monitoring coordinated teamwork among the cluster of providers caring for each patient. The ACT.md solution is both “high-tech and high-touch” as a web-based solution available to providers, patients and caregivers. Patients are engaged and share in the accountability of their care requirements. ACT.md can fill the care coordination gap, complementing existing services with a new class of lower cost, IT-assisted professionals to support case managers.



A location-based mobile application that helps active people find the right sports partners and book sports facilities for their games.



adapptED is your digital tutor there to help you overcome your learning gaps.



Making College Admissions Awesome. Connect with real admissions officers. Find your best college matches. Find Colleges. Or. Ask us Anything



We develop paper-based low-cost wearable technology for respiration monitoring.


Africa Healthcare Network

Africa Healthcare Network (“AHN”) aims to establish the first dialysis chain in Sub-Saharan Africa, offering high-quality, life-saving care at affordable cost. AHN combines world-class technical expertise with developing world operating experience.



TurboTax for Death Preparation.


Agenda28 designs digital products that create social impact for the end users of our products, our employees and the poverty-relief sector.



Agora is an online town hall for local communities that connects verified users with decision makers to offer a convenient alternative to join community discussions.



Agora is an online town hall for local communities. For many of us who care about our community but don’t have time to spend hours in public meetings, Agora connects verified users to decision makers, making participation more inclusive and scalable.



An engaging web platform that connects unmotivated high school students with guidance counselors to have AHA! moments about their interests.

Aldatu Biosciences

Aldatu’s affordable drug resistance diagnostics matches HIV patients with effective drugs and saves resource-limited healthcare systems money.


Aldatu Biosciences

Aldatu Biosciences is improving access to the best HIV patient care worldwide with better and faster diagnostic tools. We harness the power of our core technology (PANDAA) to equip clinicians to prescribe the most effective drugs at the lowest cost.



We’re Alfred, the smart way to take care of weekly errands without actually doing them yourself. Alfred pairs busy individuals (aka you) with organized, knowledgeable, intuitive people who handle all of life’s necessities: from groceries and dry cleaning, to tailoring and sending packages. Alfred is an automatic, hands-off service that hums along quietly in the background of your life – so you can be free to live yours.



Algorithm-based drug repositioning via analysis of evolutionary genomes. Our algorithm can examine large percentage of known drugs all at once, and not one by one, as done by the existing algorithm and drug repositioning companies.