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Healthcare’s Definitive Resource for Continuing Education.



Making College Admissions Awesome. Connect with real admissions officers. Find your best college matches. Find Colleges. Or. Ask us Anything



Agenda28 designs digital products that create social impact for the end users of our products, our employees and the poverty-relief sector.



Agora is an online town hall for local communities that connects verified users with decision makers to offer a convenient alternative to join community discussions.



ArtLifting is a scalable art marketplace provides homeless and disabled individuals the opportunity to earn their own income. Artists earn 55% of the proceeds from each sale. ArtLifting sells originals, prints, and products so artists can make unending amounts of money from each piece.


Bab’l Books

Bab’l Books uses the power of crowdsourced translations to make bilingual children’s books accessible to anyone, anywhere, in any language!



Baroo provides convenient, high quality care for city-dwelling pets. Baroo offers full service pet care, conveniently delivered to your door. No need to dash home for a mid-day walk or try to squeeze in a trip to the groomer, we’ll take care of that. Leaving you more time for puppy kisses, couch snuggles, and games of fetch.



BEAUTY LIES TRUTH is a website and blog by Jessica Assaf and Alexis Krauss dedicated to discovery and sharing the truth about beauty. We educate women on the importance of cosmetic safety and support brands making safe, effective products.


Blue Skies (Clear Breath)

Clear Breath is building an extremely low-cost and effective pollution mask for the nearly 2 billion people living in hazardous air pollution.

Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging’s throwable tactical cameras and sensors allow police and other first responders to explore hazardous, unseen spaces. Once thrown, the Bounce Imaging Explorer transmits panoramic images, audio, and other data about any space to a user’s Android or iOS device. This allows the user to assess the danger to themselves and others, reducing risks for first responders and civilians alike. The Explorer has been named a TIME/Popular Science/CNN Invention of the Year, and is currently in testing with several New England police departments. Bounce Imaging was a 2012 MassChallenge Gold Winner.



Brevo is a new mobile application that allows you to quickly explore what’s happening around you (what are your friends doing? who’s available?) and plan it easily so that you just have to hangout with the friends that matter the most to you.



As the first-ever news ranking system, BriefMe® is changing the way people consume news by redefining what’s newsworthy. The app’s BriefMe Score™ identifies the most consumed and shared news articles of the moment, making it easy to stay informed.



Censio’s smartphone-only usage-based insurance platform helps you increase adoption, reduce your costs and collect better data to drive risk algorithms.  Censio was founded in 2012 by a group of engineers & entrepreneurs passionate about making driving safer and more affordable. When we looked closer, the stats were staggering – the vast majority of safe drivers end up subsidizing the handful of risky and expensive drivers.  We’re on a mission to change these statistics



End-to-end service for car retailing, with big data driving up value for all stakeholders involved! Think Uber-like simplicity in auto sales!

Coolify LLC

Coolify, a micro-cold storage solution, is a techno-market innovation that improves postharvest agri supply chains and reduces spoilage.


At DrivenData we foresee a world where the transformative power of big data is harnessed for social good. We work primarily with nonprofits and governments to make data science accessible and use well-structured online challenges to solve their data questions quickly and cost-effectively. We have a community of more than 2000 data scientists looking to apply their skills to tough questions of impact.



EuMotus is developing innovative biomechanical technologies in the pursuit of optimizing physical fitness and human body performance. We hope to revolutionize the current attitude and approach to functional health.



eXlogue is a language teaching exchange platform, where users can learn one-on-one language courses with native speakers by using the credits they can earn from teaching their native languages



Experfy is a big data consulting marketplace where enterprises hire vetted experts and vendors for their data, analytics and business intelligence projects. All experts undergo a rigorous application process to demonstrate both technical expertise and domain knowledge. The Experfy platform also provides Expert Panels on a monthly subscription basis.


Eyes Up

Using audio feedback to give blind people information about their eye position in order to maximize residual vision and reduce nystagmus.


Fork is a local mobile advertising platform that links users to coupons and promotions at nearby restaurants.



For clinicians treating complicated wounds, Gel4Med’s easy topical gel will eliminate antibiotic resistant bacteria and simultaneously promote tissue regeneration in a safe manner because it is antibiotic and biologics free.


Getaway is your instant cabin. Our custom built tiny houses located on serene land one hour from the city allow you to disconnect and recharge for only $99 a night.


Global Learners

Global Learners designs after-school & summer programs that build leadership, interpersonal, and technical skills through project-based learning.


HelloToken enables blogs to earn 10x more per visitor than ads/paywalls through a one-click question that serves as a micropayment. For marketers, we leverage blog readership networks to instantly distribute survey questions to target demographics.



Ivory is an iOS app that gives any musician, regardless of skill level, useful tools to engage with their sheet music electronically.

Just Bananas

Just Bananas™ is a dairy-free, gluten-free “nice” cream made with “just bananas” and other healthy mix-ins, such as almond butter and matcha green tea. We aim to source ripe bananas from distributors who would otherwise discard them, in an effort to help contribute to closing the food loop and reducing food waste.



Keepspace is an online social journaling application helping people live in the moment and remember the novelty of every day. The app stems from the idea that we should be mindful and reflective about our day, and jot down the little things that make each day special.


Klio Health

Klio Health helps healthcare organizations deliver better care by engaging patients between office visits through easy self-reporting and automated, personalized feedback.


Lay Waste Games

We are a tabletop game company, focused on utilizing unique mechanics and themes combined with high end materials such as metal and fabric in place of plastic and paper. Our first game, Dragoon, raised over $80k with over 1200 backers on Kickstarter!



LovePop helps people express their affection for others with magical laser-cut sculptures that burst out of paper cards. LovePop makes you the thoughtful gifter so you always have the perfect gift for that special someone right when you need it.


Lumen Labs

We make the urban bike commute safer by offering bikers a smart, illuminated bike helmet that features bright brake and turning lights.

Memora Health

Memora Health is a digital health company developing an intelligent mobile messaging and analytics platform to personalize care management.


MobileSuites Inc.

MobileSuites allows travelers to access hotel services (room service, amenities, etc) from an app on their phone. We’re available at over 1800 hotels (Starwood, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott) across the US.



Instantly save articles/podcasts/videos and share them in private threads. Add highlights, comments, images, and multimedia notes on top.


Parachute Teachers

Parachute is an online marketplace for substitute teachers.



PetPocketbook is building technology to help simplify pet care, beginning with an online and mobile SaaS solution that automates administrative tasks for pet care businesses.


Piaggio Fast Forward

The complexity of today’s networks and information systems has increased the need of autonomy, intelligence, and frequency in new forms of mobility. Founded in 2015 to solve the needs of today’s changing urban environments, PFF leverages more than a century of Piaggio’s experience in lightweight transportation of people and goods.



PIVOT is an app that lets you look at a place through a tunnel of time. PIVOT’s mission is to streamline digital historical preservation in areas where the history of places and cultures are at risk of being lost.



PolityPro creates a home for local elections on the web, such that candidates for local office not only gain a campaign website but a campaign headquarters. PolityPro’s do-it-yourself campaign kit, which encompasses social media, mass-emailing, scheduling, canvassing, fundraising, and the necessary legal protections, as well as unique in-field applications, ensures that any person can become a political pro.


Poly6 Biotechnologies

Using our proprietary bioresorbable polymer, Citrene, we make implantable medical devices.



Posmetrics provides innovative iPad-based customer feedback surveys that collect orders of magnitude more data than other technologies, provide relevant, real-time results, and generate actionable recommendations to help businesses and organizations improve their services.


Project Navigate

Navigate offers unique guidance in the innovative implementation of technology to augment student capacity in navigating the classroom environment.

Quantly Group

Mathematics can make data manageable, insightful, and actionable. Our goal is to bring this capability to everyone. We are democratizing data analysis by developing simple, powerful quantitative strategies for all.



Quickhelp is a mobile app that makes it extremely easy for students to get low-cost, in-person, personalized tutoring.



QuikForce is working hard to simplify the process of moving.  The founders of the company have over 20 years of experience in moving, and are committed to providing convenient, affordable and simple moving services to their customers.



Quorum is an online legislative strategy platform that provides legislative professionals in Washington and all 50 states access to the world’s most comprehensive database of legislative information, with quantitative insights and modern project management tools making it easier to track legislation, build support, and take action.


Qur, Inc.

Qur is a self-driving diagnostic program, allowing people who have a symptom(s) to be guided through an adapting medical interview. Patients are taught why we ask certain questions, what possible diagnoses to consider, and next steps to take.

R.F. Madison

R.F. Madison is the brand that disrupts the traditional, ill-fitting clothing sector through fastidious attention to detail and cold hard data to create timeless menswear of unprecedented fit for those who stand head and shoulders above the rest.



RapidSOS is commercializing a suite of advanced communication technologies to revolutionize emergency response and communication.


RAW is everything.

Pure, powerful, unformulated skincare that really works.



At Retask, we realized a few fundamental insights about email: Most of it is useless, it takes up way too much time, and most emails are simply requests or updates. Retask is trying to change email culture through an enterprise email client focused on task management, essentially turning email inboxes into to-do lists.

Rumi Spice

Rumi Spice connects Afghan saffron farmers to the US market in effors to help rebuild Afghanistan through economic empowerment and sustainable business


Runway Technologies, Inc.

Runway is providing data analytics and intelligence for fashion e-commerce companies. We’re using machine learning to help these companies–from fashion apps to e-commerce retailers–understand their customers’ behavior at a very deep level.


Scheduling AD

Scheduling AD is using technology to rethink the system for exchanging and tracking college sports game contracts.


At School Yourself, we’re reinventing online education in the style of 1-on-1 learning. We have authored hundreds of interactive, personalized math lessons, and we use a custom analytics platform to continuously improve them. The result is a collaboration between teacher and student that provides an unprecedented learning experience.


Searna Technologies

Searna Technologies develops next generation sequencing assays that enable affordable, hypothesis‑free, real‑time monitoring of a patient’s tumor profile from blood sample.


Semester Foresight

Time management in college is tough. Semester Foresight is a web app that helps students plan challenging, yet manageable, semesters. By maximizing students’ productivity, we help create more successful college experiences.



Sightglass gets you help from colleagues and stops you from duplicating work, without the hassle and high cost of relying on internal wikis and document repositories.

Solchroma Technologies (Sepia Displays)

Solchroma Technologies (formerly Sepia Displays) builds low-cost, full-color, and sunlight-readable displays with compelling advantages over current large-area technologies. Inspiration from cephalopod camouflage mechanisms has led to the development of a unique, rubbery pixel that generates truly vivid reflective color, useful in digital advertising, active camouflage, and aesthetic applications.



Spectacyl is a platform that helps marketing and sales executives track their above-the-line, offline, PR and events marketing efforts and correlate that activity to their real KPIs. Spectacyl solves two problems: 1) Record above-the-line marketing activity That otherwise gets forgotten or missed when reviewing end of period company results. 2) Links the real KPI’s of the company with historic marketing activity Helping marketers evaluate their campaigns and communicate results.



Spotlight is transforming the way people connect with global, local, and private moments through an innovative mobile video platform.


Spruce & Co.

Jill Applebaum and Jillian Ressler came together to co-found Spruce & Co, a consumer goods startup aimed at creating simple solutions to enable everyday healthy routines. Jill and Jillian launched their first product line of disposable screen cleaning wipes earlier this year to provide a plant-based cleaning wipe that is safe for mobile devices and safe for your skin.



Stitch is a team communication platform for medical providers.




TarDisk provides a simple, “tool-free” upgrade, that allows anyone to increase onboard MacBook storage by 256GB. Secure, Semi-perminant, Seamless!



Planning travel today is unnecessarily difficult and time consuming. TBDee is a next generation travel company that is changing that. We are reinventing online travel to make it what it should have been over a decade ago: a travel concierge service that combines the convenience and knowhow of traditional travel agents/advisors with the price competition, choice and transparency of the Internet.


TetraScience Inc

TetraScience is an Internet-of-Things platform for research & development. We build hardware and software that enable scientists & engineers to monitor and control their experimentation, manage their data, and analyze it all in the cloud.


theSaladBar Nutrition Company

theSaladBar is a low-sugar, high-fiber, vegetable-based nutrition bar. Unlike many other nutrition bars on the market today that are packed with unhealthy ingredients, theSaladBar makes it easy to eat healthy on-the-go. theSaladBar: finally, a nutrition bar that is actually nutritious!


Titan Medical Technologies

Titan Medical Technologies is a medical device company that aims to be at the cutting edge of medicine through 3D manufacturing of precious metal medical implants. We hope to revolutionize patient care by providing cheaper, faster made and better performing medical devices to patients in need.

Tomato Jos

Tomato Jos is a for-profit social enterprise that is making the first domestic brand of tomato paste in Nigeria. We operate across the full tomato value chain (farming, logistics, and processing) and source our raw material from smallholder farmers.


Toto Express

We are a design licensing agency in India connecting rural artisans with corporate bodies around the country.


Tradr is a mobile app for users to buy and sell used goods in their neighborhoods by simply swiping right and left on suggested items.



Tressed is an on-demand hairstyling service for multicultural women.


Trignis Inc

We’re bringing barbecue to the masses.


Tutoring Tomorrow Today

TTT is a tutoring program that builds community between campus workers’ children and university students in order to tackle the achievement gap.



Unshrinkit is a patent-pending liquid solution that helps people gently unshrink their wool clothing back up to its original size. Everyone makes mistakes in the laundry room. Now, you no longer have to throw away your favorite garments after a regrettable tumble in the dryer.

Call us the emergency sweater saver.

How do you unshrink your wool clothes? Unshrinkit. At some point, most everyone has accidentally shrunk a sweater, jacket or dress. And yet there is no pre-packaged, easy-to-use product on the market to help people unshrink their clothes. Our product, Unshrinkit, is a liquid-based solution specifically designed for returning wool clothing to its original size.


User Interviews (MobileSuites)

Our goal is to help companies make smarter decisions. We do this by connecting them with the only people that can help: their target customers. We make it extremely simple for companies to test new ideas, concepts, and products with their target market, so that they can avoid expensive mistakes and focus on building products that their customers want.



Villy helps travelers find the best place for their stay.



Virtudent, Inc.

At Virtudent, we understand that going to the dentist can be expensive and inconvenient, which is why we’ve developed a new care delivery model that empowers patients to get the care they deserve. Virtudent puts the patient first, aiming to boost access to preventative care and reduce unnessary treatment.

Expanding access does not mean sacrificing quality of treatment. Virtudent takes advantage of the latest and most sophisticated technologies in the field of dental medicine to ensure an unbeatable standard of care. Our dentists and hygienists are equipped with innovative tools to get the job done as well as possible, and our groundbreaking care system leverages wireless telehealth technology to ease communication and eliminate unnecessary traveling.

We believe patients have a right to know what’s going on – no more confusion or uncertainty. You deserve to be know that you’re getting the treatment that is right for you – no less and no more. By being fully transparent, Virtudent provides all its patients with that peace of mind.

Virtudent offers an unmatched team of dental professionals from leading institutions all over the United States, including Harvard, Tufts, and the University of Pennsylvania. Our team also includes top dental advisors and faculty from across the country. This level of expertise puts us right at the forefront of the growing telehealth industry.


WntRx Pharmaceuticals

WntRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. is building on the promise of Wnt signaling by applying its unique capabilities to discover and develop non-toxic, selective drugs for the treatment of patients with critical unmet medical needs. Our company focuses on the development of novel, safe, selective, oncogenic specific inhibitors of Wnt signaling active in the treatment of cancer.