Participation Declaration

Participation Declaration

Deadline: December 5th

WANTED: ideas to make the world work better! Whether your idea is fully developed and in the market, half-baked and evolving, or still a figment of your imagination, we want YOU to participate in the President’s Innovation Challenge.

This is your opportunity to put your venture stake in the ground! The Participation Declaration is the first necessary step for Harvard students to be eligible to compete in the President’s Innovation Challenge. Participation Declarations are not judged and they can be revised. If you’re still in the early-stages of exploring game-changing solutions to make the world work better, fear not – the i-lab has a lot of resources to help you along the way and only your final business plan submission on February 6 will be scored.

A Participation Declaration must be completed by the team lead (defined as a founder, originator, and/or creator of the idea/technology/venture), who must also be a full-time, degree-seeking, and matriculated Harvard student or postdoc. Please review our Challenge Rules & Eligibility requirements before completing and submitting the form by the December 5 deadline.

If you have any questions, please email our President’s Innovation Challenge Coordinator, Josh Nelson –

You can preview the Participation Declaration here, team leads must register and complete the form on the platform below.