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Artist as Entrepreneur: A Conversation with Wynton Marsalis

The i-lab hosted a conversation entitled “Artist as Entrepreneur” with Wynton Marsalis, and HBS professors Nancy Koehn, Rohit Deshpande, and Mukti Khaire, moderated by Mihir Desai on February 7, 2012. This conversation was open to the Harvard community and members of the public. Wynton Marsalis, internationally acclaimed musician, composer, bandleader, educator and a leading advocate […]

Entrepreneurial Ventures in Silicon Valley

The Harvard Innovation Lab led a student trip to Silicon Valley in January 2012. This field-based program provided an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial environment of Silicon Valley, with a focus on the consumer internet sector. 36 students from across Harvard participated, with faculty from HBS and SEAS leading the trip.

Kickstarting Creative Projects and Startups

Join Julio Terra, Design & Technology lead from Kickstarter, for a primer on how to bring a project to life with direct support from others. We’ll deep dive into the anatomy of a project and look at case studies to learn how to structure a campaign, determine the kind of rewards that work best, learn […]

Maureen Bisognano on “Innovation in Health Care: Achieving the Triple Aim”

With US health care expenditures at $2.7 trillion per year, we would be facing significant cost pressures even if our systems were producing health outcomes superior to those of comparable nations. That our outcomes are worse indicates that we are facing a crisis.

Non-Dilutive Funding for Early-Stage Life Sciences Companies and Beyond

Explore ways to maximize funding for science companies from non-dilutive funding sources such as NIH, DOD SBIRs (Small Business Innovation Research) and other federal and private sources. Learn about successful strategies for building a multi-submission strategy and academia-industry collaborations in the pursuit of non-dilutive grants and contracts from SBIR $100K awards to large-scale collaborative funding […]

Realities of Commercializing Life Sciences in 2014

Biotechnology start-ups have never faced a funding environment as difficult as we have today. Investing priorities have shifted toward late stage investments, while global financial uncertainty and a history of more failures than successes in biotechnology investing have reduced the amount of money available for early stage commercialization. How can the early stage biotechnology company […]

The Deans’ Health and Life Sciences Challenge 2013 Kickoff

Dr. Richard Lee of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School speaks on the promise of entrepreneurship in the health and life sciences field. Students from across the University attended to share ideas and find potential team mates.

Understanding Reimbursement for Health and Life Sciences Startups

Being able to answer, “Will my device get reimbursed?” has become critical, even for early development stage life sciences companies. From early investment rounds, investors want assurance of a return on their investment, and while they may not expect start-up companies to have all the reimbursement answers, they do expect companies to have identified the […]