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Meet 50 Young Entrepreneurs Aiming to Change the World

Thanks to a variety of factors, including lower startup costs and technological advances, many of the world’s most taxing problems are being tackled by some of the youngest entrepreneurs. To put this in perspective, we turned to the Kairos Society, an international organization that supports the development of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Whoop there it is – this fitness tracker for athletes just raised $12 million

The next-gen fitness trackers of 2015 have focused on tracking more – more metrics, more often. Whoop is taking this one step further with its wearable wristband and predictive analytics system for athletes and coaches.

A Lifesaving Smartphone App Inspired by a Brush With Tragedy

Michael Martin, left, and Nick Horelik, created RapidSOS, a smartphone app to help 911 dispatch centers better pinpoint cellphone callers.

Here is a Comprehensive List of Women-led Startups in the Boston Area

Two years ago, the New England Venture Capital Association commissioned a study looking at the number of women founders and chief executives in venture-backed companies, and it found that Boston isn’t nearly as inclusive as it could be.

How Harvard i-lab May Make Allston the Next Innovation District

Jodi Goldstein, managing director of the Harvard i-lab, looked like a proud momma as she gave me a personal tour of the school’s Allston-based space. And rightfully so.

WHOOP Futuristic Fitness Tracker For Athletes

Boston wearable device startup WHOOP, is going after “elite athletes and teams” with its next-generation wrist-worn strap measuring biometrics 24/7. The company’s technology is currently targeting professional players in major sports leagues, college athletes, Olympians, and even the U.S. military, but it could have wider appeal in the future.

Will this Boston startup disrupt Fitbit with its new wearable device?

Whoop, a Boston startup that’s created a wristband measuring athletic performance said it raised $12 million in new funding as it launched its first device, taking on big players in the health and fitness wearables market such as California-based Fitbit and Jawbone.

WHOOP Is Latest Game Changing Wristband Device To Help Athletes Recover

At some point those silly, little Bluetooth headsets were replaced by silly, little wristbands. Well, throw another device onto the roaring innovation fire, because a new company is hoping to change the way athletes train thanks to wearable technology that brings video game sensibilities to real-life sports.

Athletic wearable startup Whoop rolls out first product, raises $12m

It’s been a pretty big year for wearable technology, from the debut of the long-awaited Apple Watch to the initial public offering of personal fitness-tracker Fitbit.

Finding 911 callers instantly

The nation’s 911 dispatch centers aren’t really equipped for the mobile world.

Small crowd of women VCs draws a big audience at chamber event

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s first women’s networking event to focus on venture capital drew hundreds of attendees – but relatively few entrepreneurs and investors – to discuss how to advance and prosper in a field dominated by men.

Five ways women can help close the gender gap in VC and tech

The overarching mission at a discussion about women in venture capital, hosted by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, was to focus on the solutions instead of the problems regarding the gender gap.

17 Entrepreneurs Celebrate Summer Business Accomplishments

Summer is over. While many were going on vacations and traveling, business was still being completed for many entrepreneurs and business owners.

HelloToken, Intently Address Ad Blocking

The advent of browser-based ad-blocking software could bring a new surge of micropayments and paywalls for publishers.

How the Ivies plan to keep the next Zuckerberg from dropping out

Opened in 2011—five years after Zuckerberg left Harvard to focus on, an early draft of Facebook—the i-lab is 30,000 square feet of flexibly outfitted space located on Harvard’s Allston, Massachusetts, campus, replete with resources such as grants, lectures, and accelerator programs.

Baroo: Boston Startup Brings On Demand Pet Care to the City

Living in Boston and married to another entrepreneur, Hyde and her husband got a dog and it wasn’t long before they realized the challenges that come along with having and caring for their newest family member.

Censio, Led by Ex-Zipcar CEO, Brings Mobile Tech to Car Insurance

Censio, which has been growing quietly next to the Harvard Innovation Lab, said Wednesday it has formed a partnership with Progressive Insurance to develop a mobile app to monitor driving data. The app, called Snapshot, captures information about how people drive—things like mileage, time of day, and braking habits—and rates drivers on safety and usage. Progressive will start testing the app with customers this month, with the goal of rolling out a finished version in 2016.

Is Clutter Good?

Junk has a way of piling up until it’s too overwhelming to tackle: old clothes, useless VHS tapes, and worn-down furniture inexplicably become harder to throw away the more time they collect dust in the basement. However, clutter is more than just a waste of space or an inconvenience. It is also bad for our mental health.

Be Your Own Boss: How To Go From Student To Entrepreneur In 8 Steps

Four days after we graduated from Harvard, we started full-time as cofounders of Quorum, Washington’s next-generation legislative strategy platform with a team of 22.

LovePop’s Wombi Rose: Retail Strategy Scales Down, Not Up

Say you’ve got a retail concept you think will take off. You don’t have a lot of capital, so you might test it in a kiosk or a truck. Eventually you’d start to do pop-ups and, if things were going really well, sign a lease for retail space, somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic. Wombi Rose and John Wise want to go in the opposite direction.

Meetup + Pitch-Off: New York 2015

Participants interested in competing in the pitch-off will have 60 seconds to explain why their startup is awesome. These products must currently be in stealth or private beta.

hellotoken: Changing the Way We Monetize Content

Former President of Harvard Ventures, Brian Truong, launches startup to empower independent content creators by replacing paywalls and ads with market research.

Harvard i-lab Startup Uses Big Data to Match Customers With Movers

Moving season is upon us, Boston, and if you’re relocating your place of residence but haven’t booked a mover or a truck… well, normally I’d impart upon you a Taken-like “good luck.” But there’s another solution available that could quell your moving woes.

Software for Police Officers’ Field Intel Gets Attention of Gen. Petraeus, VCs

Police cars may be next in line for an information age overhaul. Software is being introduced to some police departments that can turn the background of a squad car’s dashboard red when the license plates or physical description of a suspect known to be armed and dangerous are keyed in. But when the person has no serious record, the display stays neutral, possibly calming an officer’s nerves.

Tactical camera puts eyes on danger spots

It has six cameras. It’s throwable. And, if you’re a cop, a soldier or a member of a search-and-rescue team, it can save your life — or someone else’s. It’s called the Explorer, and after three years in the making, it’s finally ready for commercial release

Police Are Now Testing This Harvard Startup’s Throwable Cameras

Bounce Imaging believes its technology could also have potential for a consumer action camera—as well as virtual reality.

MassChallenge held its 2015 Startup Showcase on Wednesday night

On Wednesday evening, startup accelerator MassChallenge unveiled the companies participating in its 2015 class in a showcase at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. The event drew a crowd of over 1,000 people interested in speaking with the 128 startups that make up this year’s Boston cohort.

Tradr Is Like Tinder—But For Selling Your Old Junk

Do you have a house full of “antiques” that you’re feeling overburdened by? Perhaps you can get some sucker—er, some collector—to come and take them off your hands, without even resorting to an awkward Craigslist post. Tradr is an app for selling off your old junk or your beautiful hand-made craft items.

Buy, Sell & Discover Local Goods via Harvard i-lab App, Tradr

As developers look to ensure a sleek, frictionless experience for app users, more and more of them have been adopting a Tinder-style interface. It makes sense, too: After all, what could be more simple yet engaging than swiping left or right to do everything from order a meal to play a song. A perfect example of this trend? Tradr, which leverages Tinder’s experience for the purposes of product discovery.

Brasiliense de 23 anos tem aplicativo de brechó virtual aceito em Harvard

A ideia de Jessica Behrens é um app que funciona como se fosse um Tinder de produtos e já tem mais de 1.600 usuários cadastrados.

Outside the Box: Jodi Goldstein of Harvard Innovation Lab

Jodi Goldstein’s innovative spirit could be traced back to her upbringing in a small town in Vermont. Her parents left their corporate jobs to buy a hotel and restaurant at a ski resort on Mount Snow. That’s where Goldstein, recently named managing director of Harvard University’s Innovation Lab, grew up.

Harvard Innovation Lab promotes Jodi Goldstein to managing director

Jodi Goldstein will become the Evans Family Foundation Managing Director of the Harvard innovation lab, a university-wide facility that fosters team-based and entrepreneurial activities, and provides a forum for interactions among students, faculty, alumni, and the surrounding community.