Cultural Entrepreneurship

Converting your passion of the arts into a journey

The Deans' Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge unites artistic and entrepreneurial visions to create and maintain ventures with the financial, social, and organizational infrastructure necessary for arts and artists to survive and thrive.

The 2016 Cultural Entrepreneurship Winners Announced!

This year’s winners of the Harvard Deans’ Challenges were announced in a live ceremony at the Harvard i-lab on Wednesday, May 4, 2016. In its fourth year, the startup competition, aimed at finding novel solutions to pressing issues facing society, received more than 90 proposals from ventures representing 12 Harvard schools.

In the Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge, the $45,000 grand prize winner was magic, a subscription career awareness and positive self-image box developed by women of color for girls of color. Songshark, which allows anyone to compose and record complete music compositions with a few clicks, was awarded the $10,000 prize.

Converting your Passion into a Journey

A culturally and artistically vibrant society has a transformative impact on communities.

Can you create a startup for an impactful career in the arts?

What can you do to help the arts and artists thrive?

How can artists make a living through the arts?

The Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge calls upon students to develop venture-based solutions to convert your passion of the arts into a journey.

You can find more information on the Deans’ Challenges here.