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Here at the i-lab, it’s possible the only thing more exciting than growing an idea into a venture is sharing the story of how it was done. Several current and former teams have recently gotten awesome news coverage this month, check it out!


Resident Spotlight: Classroom Media Workshop

In today's digital world, children grow up surrounded by many types of media. It's not uncommon for young children to be able to navigate an iPhone before speaking their first sentence. Schools are responding to this reality by equipping classrooms with the technology to bring them into the 21st Century. However, many educators still need the tools and training to utilize this technology in ways that suit the needs of their individual students.


Tomato Jos: Exciting news in the world of sustainable and socially responsible agriculture!

Ten months and 40,000 tomato plants in the making, Tomato Jos is breaking ground on its first greenhouse! One of the Harvard teams in the i-lab’s Venture Incubation Program, Tomato Jos is a for-profit social enterprise poised to increase rural incomes, environmental sustainability, and food security in Nigeria.


Coming up in the i-lab: Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship

While it may look like the weather is getting colder and the semester is starting to come to a close, Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship at the i-lab is just heating up for the year.


Resident Spotlight: Vaska Technologies

Everyone has experienced that moment of running out of a household essential—sugar, laundry detergent, ahem, toilet paper—and finding that the item that seems pretty inconsequential most of the time shoots up in importance.


Welcome Back to our Community Partners and Friends!

We’re thrilled to welcome our Community Partners to join us in a third year of collaborative programming aimed at supporting local entrepreneurs.

Our designated small business advisory partners—including the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Center for Women and Enterprise, the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network, and SCORE Boston—are small business-focused organizations who host events and services for members of the Boston community.


Social Innovation @ Harvard Launch Event

The mission of making an impact on the world around you can sound like a tall order, but it’s the fuel more and more Harvard students cite as career—and life—aspirations. Since collaboration is often the key ingredient to success, initiatives from across the University have joined to create a new community for social entrepreneurs to come together, the Harvard Social Innovation Coalition (HUSIC).


2013 i-lab Roadshow!

i-lab Roadshow

Did you know that PBS’ Antiques Roadshow was actually incubated in Batten Hall, the home of the i-lab?  Well, this fall, we’ve incubated our own sort of roadshow—in September and October, we’ll be out evangelizing entrepreneurship across Harvard.  And while we won’t guesstimate the value of your ideas (not to mention the stuff you found in your grandma’s basement) we’d love to talk about how we can help you with them.


Resident Spotlight: ShoutAbout

What do you do about front-page news?  Scan it, skim it, talk about it at your office coffee machine, and forget it?  Sadly, although many readers care deeply about the content they follow, the current way we engage with media leads to very little action in response to it—readers feel disenfranchised to affect change.  i-lab resident team ShoutAbout is trying to change that.


Sonation Resident Spotlight

You would think that in music having a steady beat is of paramount importance—but it’s actually not always a good thing.  In many types of music, particularly classical, musicians often take liberties with tempo, and these interpretations create the emotion we attribute to a piece. 


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