Entrepreneurship Education: Spring Term Courses

Entrepreneurship Education: Spring Term Courses

There’s a special time of year that gets everyone excited around here, and it’s coming up (and no, it’s not the Superbowl).  Registration time--that’s right, you heard us.

While much of what happens at the i-lab is extracurricular, many of the ideas being developed start not as passion projects, but class projects, some in our very own classroom.  Each spring and fall term, the i-lab hosts for-credit academic courses taught by Harvard faculty; over 40 courses from 8 Harvard Schools to date.

We love the chance to support students exploring entrepreneurship in these foundational courses, and then putting their ideas to practice.

This upcoming term is an exciting one since we are hosting two repeat courses here that have been wildly popular and successful in inspiring student projects, and the pilot of a totally new course teaching innovation and entrepreneurship foundational principles to non-MBA Harvard graduate students.

There are just a few days left to shop around, drop and add, so get on the ball to get in the courses (note that permission from instructor is sometimes required, with varying deadlines).  Courses we’ll be hosting full time this term are:

A132: Educational Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Comparative Perspective with Professor Fernando Reimers of HGSE

This course is for students who are interested in gaining a better understanding of how social entrepreneurs can generate sustainable educational innovations. Over the course of the semester, participants will develop a viable education venture, preparing them to launch their own social enterprise to improve educational opportunity. The course will involve a series of activities and experiential workshops focused on the fundamentals of creating an educational enterprise. Readings, discussions, and related activities examine the contributions of social entrepreneurs to expanding educational opportunity. Students will engage in biweekly conversations with guest mentors, all of whom are education entrepreneurs working domestically or internationally. Weekly discussion sections will include workshops to build targeted skill sets.

(Registration link for enrollment through Harvard Extension School here.)

ES 22: Design Survivor: Experiential Lessons in Design for Desirability with Professor Beth Altringer of SEAS

DESIGN SURVIVOR is a multi-disciplinary class for students interested in designing products and services that are simple, irresistible, delightful, cool, covetable, viral, and, increasingly in today’s day and age, much more likely to be successful.

Students study real world cases of how organizations (e.g., Apple, Gucci, Swarovski) strategically design for desirability. In weekly design challenges, students use analogical transfer to apply these insights to diverse industries and target markets (e.g., health literacy campaigns, emerging technologies, declining or rapidly changing product categories, the future of luxury, and more). Weekly critique panels with experts enable students to develop their own design point of view and to finish with a diverse design portfolio.

Introduction to Innovation & Entrepreneurship with Professors Joe Lassiter and Bill Sahlman of HBS will give Harvard graduate students and eligible cross-registrants from other Universities a new opportunity to build a toolkit to identify and form a new venture in the inaugural University-wide winter session course.

This course is designed for students who intend to start or join a new venture early in their career. By covering the basics of entrepreneurial management and entrepreneurial finance, it can help you identify areas in which changes in science and technology, consumer and social attitudes, or political and regulatory processes allow the creation of new businesses or the re‐design of established businesses. This course also will give students foundational training and familiarity with the HBS case method, enabling students to gain even more from the other management courses offered through HBS’ 2nd Year Elective Curriculum.