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1. Boston VR

Boston VR is a great place to participate in programs and share ideas for the upcoming new wave of virtual reality. Each month, the Boston VR group brings in presenters from companies who pioneer in VR technologies and features an array of demonstrations created by local VR developers. All events are free. You can find more info on Boston VR meet ups below:

Boston Virtual Reality

Cambridge, MA
4,170 Avatars

We’re here to talk about, program, share, and demonstrate software, hardware, and ideas for the upcoming new wave of virtual reality.  Whether you’re an avatar who spends more…

Next Meetup

VR/AR Hack Day at Brookline Interactive

Saturday, May 13, 2017, 10:00 AM
2 Attending

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2. Boston Augmented/Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality is a description used for technology that looks to enhance a user’s understanding, pleasure, and engagement with the real-world environment they are in. It could take the form of augmented reality glasses, it could be an app on a phone or tablet, or it could even be ear buds that actively filter the sound around you and change your perception of reality. There are many ways to enhance a person’s sensory experience, and all of these ways fall under the “augmented reality” umbrella.

At first glance it is similar to Virtual Reality, but actually quite different. VR looks to immerse the user in a completely separate environment from the one they are in, whereas AR, as just described, wants the user to more firmly be rooted in their present world. As the technologies mature, it makes sense to have a meetup dedicated solely to augmented/mixed reality technologies and conversations. Our goal is not to cannibalize the community, but rather to provide another opportunity for enthusiasts to engage with each other, and for tinkerers and startups to show off their demos for feedback.

This meetup group is open to anyone who is interested in Augmented Reality. You don’t have to be a developer to join. In fact, we actively encourage all members of the community to participate: from artists to developers to business-minded people to gamers to students or to those who just want to learn more.

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