Meet the Venture Teams

Agora is an online town hall for the people. Our mission is to make democracies more democratic.

Aldatu Biosciences is improving access to the best HIV patient care worldwide with better and faster diagnostic tools.

Alfred does everything so you don’t have to: Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Groceries, House Cleaning, Cobbler, and more.

Our algorithm can examine large percentage of known drugs all at once, and not one by one, as done by the existing algorithm and drug repositioning companies.

ArtLifting is a social enterprise that empowers homeless and disabled artists through the celebration and sale of their work. Many skilled artists participate in art groups at hospitals and shelters to create wonderful pieces, but until ArtLifting, there was no sustainable marketplace where these artists could share their work. ArtLifting is the bridge that connects our artists with paying customers.

SV's Beacon App helps International NGOs keep track of employees working in developing countries and enables employees to get help during emergencies.

Using big data to help consumers make the optimal product decision.

B2B platform for the $450B alcohol distribution industry better connecting licensed parties and enabling them to more easily transact.

BriefMe is the ranked leaderboard of news.  A new way to experience news, BriefMe shows what people are reading now.

buddy sySTEM is an online STEM curriculum for elementary students focusing on engineering and global collaboration/peer feedback.

Canopy - a platform where teachers learn to code their practice

Caribé makes exotic fruit juices that are low in sugar and high fiber, and donates some of the proceeds to education initiatives in the Caribbean.