Meet the Resident Teams

Meet the Resident Teams

3D printing of hearing aid shells customized to patients' need could significantly increase the comfort and reduce the cost.

Academic Room is an online marketplace connecting industry with academic experts within communities of practice—ranging from economics and engineering to life sciences and medicine. Experts are a part of knowledge communities in which they curate content, interact with their peers and provide consulting services at one central location. Academic Room is the world's first marketplace where industry can directly hire the finest minds from academia for short-term projects.

An engaging web platform that connects unmotivated high school students with guidance counselors to have AHA! moments about their interests.

Aldatu is using proprietary innovations in genotyping technology (PANDAA™) to improve drug resistance detection for HIV. By delivering a more sensitive test in less time and at a much lower cost than existing options, we can make testing better around the world and more accessible in resource-poor settings.

Alfred does everything so you don’t have to: Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Groceries, House Cleaning, Cobbler, and more.

allyDVM, Inc. is the ultimate ally for doctors of veterinary medicine. allyDVM consists of two parts. First, it is a practice owner’s association that provides independent animal hospitals discounts on the most critical lab work and hospital supplies through key relationships with veterinary suppliers.

A socially oriented company making a health drink that uniquely combines the aloe vera nutrients with the taste of Caribbean fruits.

Anamiv, a healthier world” is a sustainable business model for applying mHealth for the provision of evidence based primary healthcare in resource-restrained settings. In addition, the data generated will be utilized for improving individual patient outcomes and for understanding population health to guide policy formulation. The plan is to initially focus on child health and test the pilot in India.

Safe drinking water through integration of water filtration, microbiological testing and a web-based Information Communication Technology

ArtLifting is a social enterprise that empowers homeless and disabled artists through the celebration and sale of their work. Many skilled artists participate in art groups at hospitals and shelters to create wonderful pieces, but until ArtLifting, there was no sustainable marketplace where these artists could share their work. ArtLifting is the bridge that connects our artists with paying customers.

Establishing the first global women's leadership university for women in the Middle East and Asia to cultivate a cadre of women leaders to advance social, political, and economic development in the region. The Asian Women's Leadership University (AWLU) will provide access and excellence by offering a hybridized model of MOOC and campus-based instruction, with a focus on liberal learning, leadership, entrepreneurship, and technology.

As more parents enter the workforce and demand childcare and babysitters, they have become increasingly concerned about quality in early education. While daycare centers support children’s education, much of what influences early child development occurs inside the home. BabyCity leverages technology and the growing demand for quality childcare in Chile to provide high-quality education to children, in their homes.